SCIENCE Friday, November 26, 1999

Duchamp and Poincaré 
Renew an Old Acquaintance 
by Barry Cipra 


Duchamp's LHOOQ--CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE One of Duchamp's more playful ready-mades, a postcard reproduction of the Mona Lisa on which he drew a beard and mustache, is titled LHOOQ: Pronounced aloud in French, the letters sound like the sentence "She has a hot ass." Far from simply anointing an existing postcard, Shearer thinks, Duchamp created his own and even substituted his own face in the enigmatic portrait! She and NYU's Brandt have compared measurements of facial features on LHOOQ with those on other reproductions; their analysis exposes the Duchamp Lisa as a solid outlier. CONTINUED>>
  Analysis of Duchamp's LHOOQ--CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE